About us


Rev.Dr Miranda Threlfall-Holmes

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes is a vicar, historian and writer – and a keen quilter and budding textile artist.  She has been sewing since childhood, and was first taught patchwork by her grandmother. She has recently started a new blog about quilting and felting, and is working with a group of local women to create a new piece of textile art for her church.  She is the author of several books including the bestselling Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook and her latest release
The Little Book of Prayer Experiments.


Rev.Anne Bennett

Anne Bennett is a vicar and youth worker who is passionate about things woolly, including knitting, crochet and felting.  She works with teenagers who have behavioural and learning difficulties and has found collaborative art a rewarding and helpful way for groups to work together. She enjoys making mandalas and creating patterns and is passionate about making art in worship and prayer.